Víctor Vilarrasa has written a dissemination article at the Foundation Muy Interesante on the causes of the Castor earthquakes

GEoREST - Muy Interesante


The earthquakes induced by the underground gas storage (UGS) project of Castor, Spain, were very controversial because they represented the largest earthquakes ever induced by an UGS project, reaching magnitude 4.1. Citizens living close to the offshore platform could felt the earthquakes and the project ended up with its cancellation, implying a billionaire cost for the Spanish population to compensate the company. The causes of these earthquakes are now explained in layman terms in a recent dissemination article by Víctor Vilarrasa, published by Foundación Muy Interesante:

GEoREST https://www.fundacionmuyinteresante.org/que-causo-los-terremotos-de-castor/


Vilarrasa also gives a perspective of the future of low-carbon geo-energies, i.e., geothermal energy, geologic carbon storage and subsurface energy storage, and their key role in reaching net-zero emissions and net-carbon removal.


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