Interview with Dr Victor Vilarrasa by The Daily Prosper about Storing CO2 in liquid state

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Storing CO2 in liquid form is a way of reducing pollution

The researcher of CSIC Victor Vilarrasa believes that pollution is one of the main causes that worsens our quality of life. For this reason, he has developed numerical tools with which he has discovered that geologic carbon storage can benefit of an energy saving of 2% by injecting CO2 in liquid state rather than in the pressure and temperature conditions of the geological storage conditions.



According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every year seven million people die due to emissions of polluting gases. For the Spanish researcher, part of the solution for rapidly reducing these emissions is to capture the CO2 that industry generates and store it underground. Through his research, Vilarrasa has found that an efficient and secure way of storing this CO2 is to do so in liquid state.


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