The PI of GEoREST is interviewed for an article on offshore geologic carbon storage

GEoREST - Cinco Días


Although the company will focus the business on the Nordic country, the intention is to become a European carbon storage hub in the North Sea, according to Brian Gilvary, president of Ineos Energy, in an interview with this newspaper. However, he recognized that for this it will first be necessary to develop a regulatory framework at European level for its transport and export.

In Spain, these initiatives are terrestrials, because the geological formations of the Spanish seabed are different from those of the North Sea and do not favor this activity, Ineos technicians explain. However, Víctor Vilarrasa (IMEDEA-CSIC researcher) assures that it is possible to develop them, although the permeability is not as high and the porosity is lower. “But this does not mean that they cannot be done. The conditions will not be as favorable as in the North Sea, surely, but there are possibilities ”, he maintains.





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